Department of Engineering Technology

Ag. Chairman, Department of Engineering Technology
Mr. Felix Biketi
Message From Chairman of Department's Desk

Welcome to Murang’a University of Technology! Welcome to the Department of Engineering Technology.

To study is to cultivate and nurture one of the strongest forces of the human mind – curiosity. There is a big distinction between school and university, between learning and studying. Learning means seeking knowledge, beyond what has been taught and asking questions when the lecture is over. Studying means testing all the assumptions given and critically evaluating the reasons behind every knowledge given and becoming familiar with the outermost limits of your intellect. 

Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) offers a three years Diploma programme with six (6) semesters While TVET Diploma takes seven (7) terms.

I wish you every success in your studies for it is an immensely rewarding experience.